Japanese Maple

Trees and shrubs are important in every landscape - big or small, urban or rural, cottage or contemporary.  But because trees live a lifetime or more, they can be intimidating to choose and maintain.  We have advice on selecting the best trees and shrubs for your landscape and caring for them once they are planted.  Nearly every yard has room for small trees and shrubs, and they add character and beauty to the landscape while adding considerable value to your property.


The First Year is often the most critical in a tree's life; learn essential steps to protect your new trees, particularly in winter.  Once your trees are off to a good start, continue to promote their health.  Our certified arborists will provide a Prescription Health Care Program designed around your specific trees/shrubs and their respective conditions.   From emergency tree care to ongoing tree maintenance, our team of tree and shrub experts will ensure your trees and shrubs are as healthy as possible.

Tree and Shrub Spraying and Fertilizing: Includes hydraulic foliar spraying, ground injections, and trunk injections.

Tree and Shrub Health: Includes trimming of the crown to reduce stress and make trees more resistant to high winds and ice.  Offers enhanced safety by correcting crossing limbs, cutting tree branches back from dangeous wires or buildings, and addressing broken or dead branches and limbs.

Tree and Shrub Pruning: Includes aesthetics such as shaping, shearing and vista pruning.  Also addresses safety concerns such as storm damage or large, dead or broken limb removal.

Tree and Shrub Removal: Addresses trees/shrubs in unwanted places such as future home additions, pools, or driveway expansions.  Helps repair trees that are in physical decline from insect or disease or that pose an imminent threat to a dwelling.  

Miscellaneous Services: In addition, we also address stump grinding, tree staking, cabling and bracing of bad crotches and storm cracks.