Reduce stress and relax! Improve blood pressure as well as physical and mental health.  Add a beautiful water feature and/or pond to your home.  Outdoor ponds, streams and waterfalls are not only soothing to look at but also soothing to listen to.  There isn't a human being alive who doesn't enjoy the sound of running water.  Add outdoor lighting to instantly make it a centerpiece as relaxing and beautiful as your living room.

Not only will the water feature improve your landscape by creating an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty, but will increase your property value. Your property will stand out from the rest of the block!  Adding a unique feature like a fountain, stream, pond or waterfall can be the game changer in tight economic times.  A prospective buyer may feel he has found his new home when he hears the soft trickling of water from a nearby waterfall.  For home owners who like to entertain guests, water features create a centerpiece for conversation.