Garden Staircase

Enhance your backyard sanctuary with a brick paver patio, stone steps or customized walkways to make your landscape "POP"!  There are dozens of color choices and shapes to choose from!  Let Hollens' Landscaping show you how to bring out Mother Nature's Beauty and add that eye-catching appeal that you desire!

Not only do walkways guide people through your yard, they can also create a mood or atmosphere.  Don't want the formal look of a straight path?  Add curved ones with hidden destinations that provide a sense of mystery!


Most people think of a patio as simply a place to spend time outdoors.  However, there are a wide variety of uses for a patio.  Patios can be used for dining, cooking, socializing, relaxing, playing and more.  The style of your patio will change depending on the activities you want it to accommodate.  Take full advantage of the outdoors and let Hollens' Landscaping design and install a recreation/leisure area customized just for you.  Fire pits are super popular and can be customized in the manner of your choosing.  


Staircases add flare and visual interest on either side of the path.  There are lots of durable and unique styles to choose from.  Let Hollens' Landscaping design and install a beautiful staircase to blend into your landscape to achieve that "wow" effect.  Stairs on a hill not only offer a walkway, but offer ease of access when we wish to tour and admire our landscape.